Eric Bieniemy has helped orchestrate one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL over the past two years, yet the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator does not have a head coaching job lined up for 2020. 

While Bieniemy is clearly a qualified candidate to be a NFL head coach based on his track record and being a disciple of Andy Reid (who has a proven track record of developing successful coaches), a knock against his chances to become a head coach is his lack of calling plays, or so it seems. 

Bieniemy clearly has demonstrated play-calling abilities throughout the past two seasons in Kansas City, even though Reid is the primary play caller. Whether Bieniemy's involvement in calling plays is unclear, he downplayed the entire situation.

"We have an operation in how we do things and we have a communications system," Bieniemy said, via Herbie Teope of The Kansas City Star. "I mean, coaches communicate with me, I'm communicating to the quarterback. To be honest with you, I think people are making something out of nothing."

Bieniemy has applied for seven head coaching jobs over the past two years, but has failed to land any of them. He's taken the same path Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy did in Kansas City. Both Pederson and Nagy were offensive coordinators under Reid before landing their current head coaching jobs, the Chiefs having a  top-10 offense under Pederson two of his three years as offensive coordinator while Nagy had a top-10 offense in 2017 before his hiring. 

The Chiefs had the No. 1 offense in Bieniemy's first year as offensive coordinator and the No. 5 offense in year two, yet no head coaching jobs were offered to him. Bieniemy's taken the same path as his predecessors, who also weren't the primary play callers in Kansas City when they were learning how to be a head coach under Reid. 

"I've always been that way with it (play-calling)," Reid said. "I think it's important that everybody's on the same page and involved with it. So, I don't really care who's calling it or not calling it. I just want to make sure that it gets called and that we've got good plays to call from. That's where I put my energy."