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Like most great athletes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a creature of habit. According to former Chiefs backup quarterback Chad Henne, Mahomes has to have the same pair of underwear every Sunday.

Henne, who just announced his retirement after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII, went on "The Adam Schefter Podcast" and discussed Mahomes' most unique superstition. Henne said Mahomes has to wear the same pair of red underwear for each and every game.

"He has a baseball background, so he has to have a certain thing each and every day," Henne said. "He comes in, he does his work. His notes are written out a certain way. Same pair of underwear, which not a lot of people probably know, on gameday. He's been wearing it since I've been part of it."

Henne also praised Mahomes' intense preparation and knowledge of the playbook. According to Henne, Mahomes knows Andy Reid's offense from front to back.

"His preparation is unbelievable, how he goes about it," Henne said. "He knows exactly how many plays are in each section on Andy Reid's call sheet. If it's off by one play, it's going to be mentioned that week. He dives into it deeply, and it's fun to watch each and every day."

Mahomes is now a two-time Super Bowl champion and a two-time Super Bowl MVP. Whether his success is due to his favorite red pair of underwear or his natural ability and relentless work ethic is anyone's guess, but whatever the case, Mahomes' routine is working for him.