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The only thing more impressive than breaking history is seeing someone whose expectations for themselves are so high that doing it feels routine, akin to breathing because hey, that's what you're supposed to do, right? This is how elite of a talent cornerback Trevon Diggs has proven to be for the Dallas Cowboys, both physically and mentally, with the latter driving the former into what's become a season wherein he's now one step away from adding another franchise record to his young resume -- the Washington Football Team and quarterback Taylor Heinicke becoming his latest victim on Sunday.

After seeing the Cowboys offense stall on the opening drive of the game, Heinicke felt frisky and decided to drop back on his first play from scrimmage and target Diggs with a deep ball down the right sideline. In the spirit of channeling head coach Ron Rivera ahead of the first WFT beatdown at the hands of the Cowboys, that decision was a "big mistake" by Heinicke, and the result was Diggs reeling in his 11th interception of the season and, in the process, tying legendary defensive back Everson Walls for the franchise's single-season record.

"I wasn't expecting it, but I'm still ready at the end of the day," said Diggs following the 56-14 rout over WFT. "They wanted to try me on the first play. So, I knew it was going to be that type of game -- just a lot of action and balls up in the air. I was just on it. 

"I was prepared. I was ready for it. They put their best guy on me, so let's see what happens. But they wanted to spice it up in the beginning for sure."

Feel free to insert the appropriate Michael Jordan meme here, because Diggs took it personal.

"I was in my feelings like, 'Wow, they really just did that,'" Diggs added. "It gave me a little bit more to go out there and put out my best. At the end of the day, it's football and you really don't know what to expect."

Diggs wasn't the only person on the field stunned by Washington's first scripted play.

"The message was clear and vivid: we're not coming to play [around]," said safety Jayron Kearse. "We're not coming to play [around]. If that's what you want to do, put the ball in the air, we're going to take the ball. It's just that simple. If they wanted to run the ball, we were going to take the ball from them that way. 

"It was mind-boggling for me. Of all people, you test him?"

Despite the inaccurate narrative that paints Diggs as a player who isn't good in coverage, the second-year phenom has not only amassed 11 interceptions (1st in NFL), but also 21 pass break ups (t-1st in NFL), and those are numbers that best players like J.C. Jackson, Jalen Ramsey and, well, everyone who sits at second place and lower. Diggs joins rookie sensation and fellow first-time Pro Bowler Micah Parsons as a frontrunner for NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and his 14 career interceptions and two defensive touchdowns have come in only 26 career NFL starts, meaning there's a very good chance he's just getting started.

"I feel like it's normal," said Diggs of his INT tally. "I feel like I can get as many picks as I want. I just need the opportunities and good positioning. I'm going to make it happen. The sky's the limit, so we'll see."

And after seeing his ratings on EA's "Madden 21" discount his abilities, he'd like to have a word with the developers.

"I need to be like a 97 speed, 98 catching, 98 jump and I need an X-factor, too," he said. "I'm probably 80's now in route-running. I can still go out there and do it, but get me up there."

But when it comes to the reality of what Diggs and the Cowboys defense is doing in 2021, the truth remains that it's indeed special, and special isn't normal -- or you'd call it normal and not special. 

"It's amazing," said Diggs of the lights-out play of a defense that leads the league with 34 takeaways with two games remaining in the regular season to add to that count. "Everybody's clicking. Everybody's just vibing. Everyone wants to make plays. 

"If you see the next man make a play, you want to make a play. If you see him make a play, the next person wants to make a play -- we've got this energy and this vibe on defense that's unmatched."

The Cowboys clinched a playoff berth and the NFC East before kickoff against Washington, but Diggs joined Dak Prescott and the rest of the team in being unaware of ahead of the rematch against Washington.

"It wasn't addressed at all," he said. "We just went out there and played this game like we were trying to win the division. It's just another game. We did that and completed the mission."

That mission is to appear in and ultimately win Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium in February, and landing the No. 1 seed along with home field advantage and the NFC's only first-round bye would go a long way to helping them achieve it. Seeing Prescott and the offense revived in electric fashion helps their odds as well, needless to say, and the first true complete game of the season for the Cowboys showed they might just be the team everyone should nervous about playing in January -- particularly if the defense continues to bully teams as they've done for most of the season.

Elite defenses travel very well, and the Cowboys inarguably have one that Diggs believes is the best around.

"I feel like we're getting back to what we were doing at the beginning of the season," he said. "And we're doing it at the right time, going into the playoffs. I'm excited to see what the Dallas Cowboys have in store."