Through nine weeks of the NFL season, a total of five rookie quarterbacks have started a game this year. However, Jared Goff still isn't one of them.

Goff, who was the No. 1 overall pick in this year's NFL Draft, has been riding the bench since the Rams selected him in April, and it doesn't sound like that's going to end anytime soon.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher has reportedly decided that he's not going to play Goff this season until the Rams are eliminated from playoff contention.

One person who thinks that plan is ridiculous is Cris Carter. The Hall of Fame wide receiver says there's no reason that the top overall pick in the draft should be sitting on the bench behind Case Keenum.

"You tell me, where is Case Keenum the answer to anything, besides his family members? 'Hey that's my brother, that's my son,' that's it," Carter told Colin Cowherd on Tuesday. "What is he the answer to? When you have Case Keenum on your roster, that means, 'OK, I got a second or third backup who's got some experience.'"

Carter says that the Rams aren't playing Goff because they don't think he's talented enough to be on the field.

Not only did Carter say the Rams messed up the pick, but he wants them to admit it.

"I'm going to draft a kid from Cal with the No. 1 pick, I'm moving this franchise [from St. Louis to Los Angeles] and he's not going to play? Like they have made a colossal mess-up. Just admit it," Carter said. "We all make mistakes. I've stepped in more piles of doo-doo than most people, but I admit it. I clean my shoes off, change my shoes and get to steppin'. Try to avoid those."

Another possible reason the Rams aren't playing Goff yet was floated by a league executive who spoke to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora this week.

According to the league executive, Fisher is basically stuck in an impossible coaching situation. If he plays Goff and the quarterback plays well, then people will wonder why Fisher didn't play him before. On the other hand, if Goff gets on the field and ends up being horrible, then people will call Fisher a bad coach who wasted the No. 1 overall pick.

Of course, maybe none of this is Fisher's fault. Back in September, former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson said that Goff wasn't the player Fisher wanted in April's draft.