Derrick Henry is arguably the toughest running back to take down in the NFL and Josh Norman can attest. Norman, a former All-Pro cornerback who was once regarded as an excellent tackler, had no match for Henry as the Tennessee Titans running back tossed him aside like a rag doll Tuesday. Henry's stiff-arm tossing Norman to the ground was incredible and the game is quickly evolving into a back and forth high-scoring affair with a playoff-like atmosphere -- you can stream all of the action live on CBS All Access.

On a second-and-4, Henry got a carry on an outside counter, which set up a 1-on-1 with Norman on the edge. The Bills cornerback tried to bring Henry down before he reached the first down marker but was no match for the defending league rushing champion. Norman -- who met Henry at the line of scrimmage -- received a stiff arm from Henry that pushed him back two yards as the star RB ran past him for the first down. Ultimately, the play was called back due to offsetting penalties, but Henry made his presence felt.

Henry didn't have to say much in regards to the stiff arm that went viral, but it was a remark that deserved a good laugh.

"I've been doing too many curls," Henry said after the game, via A to Z Sports Nashville. "I've gotta lay off the arms."

Henry scored on a one-yard touchdown run earlier in this game to give Tennessee a 14-10 lead over Buffalo. That was his 17th touchdown run of one yard since 2017, the most in the NFL