Young quarterbacks are bound to face criticism when they make the leap to the NFL, and the microscope is even more pointed when a young quarterback is playing in Cleveland, given the lengthy history of struggles at the position. DeShone Kizer, who was benched for the second time this season during a 12-9 overtime loss to the Titans, is under fire right now.

That's because Kizer, according to video obtained by Cleveland 19, was out at a bar late on Friday night. Predictably, coach Hue Jackson was not thrilled after hearing about it after the loss. 

There isn't anything inherently wrong with being out at a bar at 1 a.m. on a Friday night for a young NFL quarterback. It happens a lot. And Kizer defended himself, saying rather honestly that he was out but that it didn't affect the way he prepared for the game. 

But while there is nothing wrong with the decision to be out in a vacuum, there is a problem for the Browns when they remain winless on the season and unable to find out whether or not Kizer is their franchise quarterback. 

The Browns are pretty sensitive to this sort of stuff too, having just gotten through the Johnny Manziel debacle. Manziel, if you forgot, was reportedly drunk at practice one day and at one point Mike Pettine, then Cleveland's coach, was asked about Manziel's state of sobriety during practice. It was messy.

That's not to compare the two situations, but Kizer has been bad this year. Going out late on Friday is not a plus when it comes to performing on Sunday, even if he is at work on time Saturday. 

Cleveland is also just generally reeling. They can't win a game and the two quarterbacks they've passed on over the last two drafts -- Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson -- are developing into franchise quarterbacks. Kizer is struggling. It's not fair to pile on, because it's a difficult spot for the young player and if the Browns were winning games, this little incident would be a blip on the radar. 

But when a team is winless and the coach is under fire and the front office might be ready for yet another reboot, every problem becomes magnified.