Bruce Arians is a serious man. He's serious about football. He's serious about driving caps. And he's deathly serious about parking spots.

On the Amazon series "All or Nothing," which documents the entire 2015 Cardinals season, Arians let his thoughts on parking spots be known as early as Episode 1. In short: don't park in the wrong spot.

Two episodes later, somebody broke that rule. It was a practice squad player by the name of Lawrence Okoye. It seems Okoye was running late and the Cardinals' facility was running out of spots, so he just grabbed the first one he saw. Arians decided to cut him.

"Parked in the wrong spot," Arians said to general manager Steve Keim and team president Michael Bidwill. "There weren't any parking places, so he just parked and came running in. Tough (expletive), bro."

Life lesson: If Bruce Arians is your football coach, do not park in the wrong spot. "We ain't got many rules," Arians said, so you'd be wise to follow them.