Recently retired and former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has a big announcement coming Tuesday and David Samson discussed just what this might be on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson." Samson believes stepping back from the game may have seemed like a good idea at the time for the character that is Gronk, but believes he misses the game. Oh and those nice paychecks too. 

"You miss the bling, the rings, and you realize you miss the camaraderie of the clubhouse," Samson says. 

The three-time Super Bowl champion has made "major announcements" before and they ended up not being a return to the defending champs, as many Patriots fans wanted. So what will this one be? Samson thinks this could finally be the time No. 87 decides to dust off his cleats and hit the field again.

Samson says in his mind there's still that urge to play in the league. He said:

"I personally believe that he'll want to come back."

Samson questions the whole thing, however, saying, are we being Gronked? He explains that the verb describes what happens when you retire but end up wanting to come back, but he also uses it throughout the episode as a synonym for "duped."

Gronkowski (allegedly) ended all speculation of a return happening this year when he said, "When I retired, I retired for a reason. It would be a no. There it is," but let's not look too much into that. This speculation game is much more fun. 

Samson also brings up the possibility of joining another NFL playoff team, naming off the Dallas Cowboys as a potential landing spot. 

He thinks Gronkowski looked at the other tight ends in the league and realized he is of that caliber and at 30-years-old can absolutely still run with the best of them. 

Only time will tell and until Nov. 30, the deadline to be removed from the IR/retired list in order to make a comeback. With the Patriots having struggles on offense, and quarterback Tom Brady being visibly frustrated after a win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the offense could use the 6-foot-6, 268-pound beast.