Eagles fans Venmo'd Cody Parkey money, so people set up fake Cody Parkey Venmo accounts to get paid by Eagles fans

The Internet is either a weird, stupid place OR it's just an online expression of general humanity. Or maybe it's both. Whatever, bizarre things happen quickly on the Internet during "viral moments." Like when Bears kicker Cody Parkey double-doinked a kick -- that was blocked by the way -- and Eagles fans decided to find his Venmo account and start sending him money.

Charitable insanity is nothing new to the Internet. When the Bengals beat the Ravens to send the Bills to the playoffs last year, Buffalo fans flooded Andy Dalton's charity with donations. 

But this is different. Parkey just missed a field goal at the end of a game. He then showed up, answered questions and tried to go home to see his wife and his dog. Where a bunch of random payments from Eagles fans were waiting. 

Venmo is sort of the wild west of financial behavior. And where there are limited financial regulations, there are going to be scammers. So naturally, after people realized Parkey's account was getting peppered with donations, a bunch of people fired up FAKE CODY PARKEY VENMO ACCOUNTS. Say it out loud, people! 

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The goal, of course, was to try and secure money from people who wanted to send Parkey money. On Venmo it's really hard to tell if you've actually found the right person when you're looking for someone you know. When you're looking for Cody Parkey's Venmo account? It's impossible to know which one is his, especially when there are literally hundreds of fake Venmo accounts being created.

So naturally it worked to perfection. A bunch of random people were getting peppered with payments from other random people -- presumably Eagles fans -- who wanted to send Parkey money for missing the kick.

As Eagles defensive Chris Long pointed out, maybe Eagles fans should be sending money to Treyvon Hester, who blocked the kick.

We're roughly six months away from someone becoming the first ever millionaire based solely on creating fake Venmo accounts and getting ahead of people sending money like this. The whole thing is just insane and completely stupid and so perfectly 2019. 

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