Jason Kelce has had a pretty terrific offseason. Obviously being a part of the Eagles' first Super Bowl contributed to that, not to mention him delivering one of the most memorable speeches of all time at the team's celebration parade. As the offseason winds down, he's adding another notch to his belt by performing as a saxophonist on July 24 with the Philadelphia Orchestra in "A Championship Season," a one-time event.

The concert will be played alongside the team's highlights from NFL Films, and proceeds will go toward the Eagles Autism Challenge. Kelce is a seasoned saxophonist, and fans can get a quick preview of what's in store on Tuesday by looking here:

Kelce played the saxophone in high school, so it's pretty incredible that he still has the ability to do so at age 30. Given that a lot of students tend to pick up instruments for required credits, it's impressive that Kelce still has the ability to play at a decent level -- particularly with the demanding schedule that athletes have in both college and their professional careers.

This isn't the first time this offseason Kelce has dusted off the old sax. He played with the Avalon String Band in a Mummers Parade to celebrate Mardi Gras earlier in the offseason. Avalon, incidentally, provided Kelce with the... Eccentric outfit that he wore to the team's celebration. By now, saxophone is to Kelce as jazz flute is to Ron Burgundy.

The event will take place at the Mann Center and will be hosted by Merrill Reese. You can't get much more Philadelphia than that.