Jadeveon Clowney may be the most wanted man in Philadelphia after his hit knocked Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz out of Sunday's NFC wild-card loss to the Seattle Seahawks. As Wentz was trying to get back to the line of scrimmage and diving to the ground, Clowney dove toward Wentz and hit the Eagles franchise quarterback in the helmet with his helmet. 

The first quarter hit gave Wentz a concussion and took him out of the game in the Eagles' 17-9 loss to Seattle. Philadelphia failed to score an offensive touchdown as 40-year old Josh McCown had to guide the offense the remainder of the game. 

While Clowney's hit knocked Wentz out, the three-time Pro Bowl defensive end insists he didn't intentionally try to injure Wentz and take him out of the game. 

"I didn't see anything. I was just playing fast and he turned like he was running the ball, so I was trying to get him down," Clowney said. "It was a bang-bang play. I don't intend to hurt anybody in this league, let me just put that out there. I've been down the injury road; it's not fun. My intention was not to hurt him. I was just playing fast."

Clowney denied he made contact with Wentz's helmet as Seahawks safety Bradley McDougald tripped him up for the sack. Clowney attempted to lower his shoulder as he was diving, but clearly his helmet hit Wentz's helmet first as the Eagles quarterback was sent into the ground. 

"Nobody flagged me," Clowney said, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. "They didn't say anything. I asked the ref what he thinks, if it was personal foul, he said, 'I dunno, it's kind of a bang-bang play.'

"He didn't think so, so that's why he didn't throw it. If he thought so, I think he would've threw the flag, but he didn't think so, so I'm moving on past it."

Clowney has a history of hitting Eagles quarterbacks over the past two seasons. Former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles took a hit to the sternum by Clowney in an Eagles game against the Houston Texans in December of 2018, which left him on the ground for several minutes trying to relieve the pain caused by one of the most athletic defensive ends in the NFL. Earlier in that game, Foles was brought down by Clowney on a sack, but Clowney pulled the quarterback down by his face mask and twisted his head in the process. 

There was no flag on that play and Clowney got away with a $40,000 fine on the second hit. So Clowney has a reputation of being a dirty player amongst Eagles fans, which he's well aware of, calling Eagles fans the "worst fans in the world" and saying he might get "death threats" on social media

"This team hates me. Their fans hate me for some reason," Clowney said. "They think I tried to kill Nick Foles. You remember that play? It was bang-bang. I didn't take him to the ground, either."

NFL official Shawn Smith agreed with Clowney that there shouldn't have been a penalty on the Wentz hit, even though there's evidence to the contrary. 

"He was a runner and he did not give himself up," Smith said in a pool report. "We saw incidental helmet contact, and in our judgement, we didn't rule that to be a foul. From what we saw on the field it was incidental."