Hey, Josh McDaniels and Jim Bob Cooter! Good news for both of you: If one of you ends up taking the Jaguars job, you won't be required to cure Blake Bortles. You can simply move on from the struggling third-year quarterback.

A day after the Jaguars fired Gus Bradley, general manager Dave Caldwell revealed that the team's next coach won't be forced to play Bortles.

"There won't be any mandates for anybody that comes in," Caldwell said, per NFL.com. "I think there (are) no untouchables in this organization, including myself and any player, no matter how they got here, whether it was through a draft pick or a high-priced contract."

The Jaguars drafted Bortles with the third-overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, which appeared to pay off last year when Bortles threw for 4,428 yards and 35 touchdowns. At that point, the thinking went, the Jaguars just needed to build a roster around Bortles and then the Jaguars would finally make the transition from incompetent to competent. It didn't happen.

This year, Bortles is completing a career-low 57.8 percent of his passes and is averaging a career-low 6.0 yards per pass. He's posted a 21-16 TD-INT ratio. His passer rating sits at 75.8. And, of course, I can't not mention the fact that he's accumulated more pick-sixes (11) than #QBWinz (10) in his career.

"I do still believe in Blake very much," Caldwell said. "But the head coach will have a lot of input into who the quarterback will be."

Bortles is hardly the only problem in Jacksonville, but he definitely doesn't appear to be the solution. So, it's good then that Caldwell would be willing to move on from him if, say, McDaniels wanted to draft and groom his own quarterback. The Jaguars are reportedly interested in the Patriots offensive coordinator among other candidates, like Tom Coughlin.

As it stands, the Jaguars are lined up to pick in the top five of the 2017 NFL Draft, so they could find their next quarterback there. They could also ink a veteran in free agency, with potential candidates being Jay Cutler and Tony Romo.

Sign me up for the awkward Cutler-McDaniels reunion.