Jay Cutler's pick-6 leads to his Week 2 ending with injured hamstring

Jay Cutler gets a bad rap as a grumpster who doesn't care about football. The oft-scrutinized Bears quarterback cares about the game. And it showed when he made an attempt to tackle Tony Jefferson on Sunday. 

Only problem here: if Cutler's trying to tackle a Cardinals player it means the Cardinals got the ball while the Bears were on offense. As you might expect by now, it was because Cutler threw the ball toward Jefferson for  a pick-6, a common occurrence for the quarterback.

Making matters worse, he didn't tackle Jefferson and the Cardinals scored on the interception. Making matters worst, Cutler appeared to injure his shoulder diving at Jefferson. But as it turns out Cutler actually hurt his hamstring (so say the Bears) and missed the rest of the game. 

Jimmy Clausen finished the game under center for Chicago. This is also known as DEFCON 1 and leading Chicago sports heroes to offer their services.

Jay Cutler leaves with a hamstring injury Sunday against Arizona. (via FOX/@NFLNetwork)
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