Josh Lefkowitz / Contributor

Nick Sirianni had an interesting choice of attire ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles clash against the Dallas Cowboys this week. While it's debatable whether the Cowboys or New York Giants are the Eagles' biggest rival, Sirianni added some fuel to the fire with the Cowboys rivalry earlier this week.

The Eagles head coach wore a notable "Beat Dallas" T-shirt that caught the eye of local media in Philadelphia, and reached its way to "The Star" in Texas. Even Dallas Cowboys owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones took notice of Sirianni's shirt, having a few things to say about his clothing. 

"Well listen, I've had enough of...over the years Philadelphia, they take such pride in creating slogans and creating different types of expressions," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan (Dallas) Friday. "My hero is Drew Pearson for standing up there in Philadelphia and just putting it on them in terms of what's there. 

"Make no mistake about it. That inspires their fan base. It probably inspires their players. There's no rougher place to play in the whole country than Philadelphia. No question, they're a great rival."

Sirianni has been inspired by the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry. Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said the head coach showed his players a video of the history of the rivalry before the team started practice Thursday in preparation for the "Monday Night Football" showdown. 

Whether it's bulletin board material or not, Sirianni doesn't care. 

"I'm sure they're going to have the picture of this shirt on there. And that's fine. This is about a great rivalry. And that means a lot to this city, that means a lot to our building," Sirianni said. "And it's a division game. And with the rivalry and it being a division game, I don't know if anyone needs -- our side, their side needs any more bulletin board material or if it's even going to help because we know how big the rivalry is and how much it means to both sides.

"I can't tell you how many times since I've been here having an interaction with a fan, it's, like, 'Hey, beat Dallas.' And I think that's really cool. I think that's awesome. So really love the fact that I'm able to partake in this rivalry."