The state of Wisconsin is well known for its excess, particularly in the area of cheese and additionally in the area of meat. Lambeau Field doesn't mess around either, especially at playoff time.

Last year the Packers introduced the "Big Game Burger" -- a 3.5-pound mass of meat and cheese -- for the playoffs. For the 2017 NFL playoffs, a new, slightly lighter and yet still perfectly excessive menu item is available.

This year's rendition of playoff gluttony? The Lam-Bowl, which is only healthier in that it doesn't feature a bread item encasing the pounds of meat and cheese.

The Lam-Bowl is, instead, three frigging pounds of food tossed into a bowl and served up.

Lam-Bowl, a specialty food item created at Lambeau Field. via Delaware North

What, pray tell, are the ingredients one will get in the Lam-Bowl? Glad you asked.

Inside the bowl are chunks of sausage, cheese curds, bacon and tater tots topped with Leinkugel Bavarian Dunkel Beer Cheese and red cherry peppers.

It all comes in a souvenir Lam-Bowl for the actually-kind-of-reasonable price of $10.

And, again, it's THREE POUNDS OF FOOD. Eat one pound and split it with two friends and you just ate at a football game for less than $4.

Or eat the whole thing, take your shirt off in sub-zero temperatures and get the full Lambeau/Wisconsin experience.