Let's talk about pancakes. They're delicious. You can eat them with syrup. You can eat them with butter. You can eat them with both, if you're feeling frisky.

They're also flat, and that's why they're popular in the NFL, too.

When an offensive lineman flattens the guy in front of him, it's called a pancake block. But being that you're reading an article in the NFL section of CBSSports.com, you probably already know that, and we should move on.

La'el Collins is an offensive lineman for the Cowboys. He was an undrafted free agent rookie last year (he would've been a first round pick if not for the death of a former girlfriend shortly before the draft; Collins was questioned by police, but never considered a suspect, and was cleared of any wrongdoing). He began the season as Ronald Leary's backup at left guard, but took over as the starter midway through the year. He's also a pancake enthusiast.

He started things off by demolishing some Chargers during the preseason.

He continued right on flattening defenders in his first game as a starter, when he practically threw a man through the turf:

And then in December, he actually threw a man through the turf, while running 45 yards down the field at a speed that may have even been faster than running back Darren McFadden:

So maybe we shouldn't be surprised that Collins has pancake cleats.

Take a look:

Yep. Those are pretty damn awesome.

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