Sebastian Vollmer spent seven years playing tackle for the New England Patriots. When Vollmer was on the team, the Patriots listed him at 6-foot-8 and 320 pounds.

Vollmer dealt with various injuries throughout the 2016 offseason, and toward the end of training camp, the Patriots placed him on the physically unable to perform list. That move mandated that he miss the first six games of the season, but the seriousness of his hip and shoulder issues wound up keeping him out for the entire season anyway. Vollmer was then released in March. 

He surfaced again on Tuesday for an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio, and well, he's down from 320 pounds to 245 pounds. Check it:

That's Vollmer in the middle, in the light blue button-down shirt with the red drink in front of him. (That's Jimmy Clausen to his right and Matt Forte to his left.) How Vollmer looks here is a far cry from this guy:


Apart from the thickness of the beard, Vollmer is obviously noticeably thinner in the face and chest. It's not uncommon for NFL linemen to drop weight after finishing their playing days, but Vollmer's transformation in less than a year is pretty stunning, especially considering he was on the roster as recently as last August and it seemed like the Pats expected him to play before his injuries became too much to deal with.