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The Jacksonville Jaguars recently opened a $120 million practice facility that has many modern bells and whistles that would be expected from a new practice facility, and that includes in the restrooms. On Monday, NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson took a tour of the new facility and detailed the team's new state-of-the-art urinals, which have hydration sensors, in a video on his Twitter account. 

Hanson called the new urinals "the most advanced urinals in all of professional sports." He went on to explain that each urinal has a motion sensor that measures the user's hydration level.  

"If the light turns green when you go, you're good," Hanson said. "If it's yellow, you need to hydrate some more. If it's red, you're probably going to get a notice from the athletic trainers. Maybe get an IV."

The Jaguars officially opened the Miller Electric Center in July. Owner Shad Khan described the 125,000 square-foot practice facility "the gold standard for a long time to come."

"Jacksonville is rising," Khan said during the grand opening ceremony last month. "Our football team has great promise, and downtown Jacksonville is beginning to fulfill its potential. The Miller Electric Center is emblematic of all this and more. This makes it absolutely a great day for Jacksonville."

Hanson certainly knows a thing or two about the importance of bathrooms and hydration as he provides a glimpse at every scoring play each Sunday afternoon, by himself, during the 18-week NFL regular season each fall.