LOOK: Patriots cheerleaders honor Tom Brady before preseason game

When the Patriots announced that Tom Brady wouldn't be attending the team's first preseason game on Thursday, the most disappointed group of people in the stadium might have been the team's cheerleaders.

You see, since Brady wasn't at the game, he didn't get to see the amazing pregame routine that the cheerleaders devised for him: They spelled his name out on the field.

That's right, before the Patriots kicked off against the Saints, New England's cheerleaders (and their junior Patriots cheerleaders) took the field first and got the crowd pumped up by spelling out Brady's name.

Except for the fact that the 'D' kind of looks like an 'O,' it's a pretty good job.

You know what? Maybe that's just a bad angle, let's look at another picture.

That's (kind of) better.

Maybe we just need a flatter angle.

#freebrady #patriots @howesy64

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This angle also isn't bad.

What a good game 👌🏼🔥

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Anyway, the important thing here is that the Patriots won the game 34-22, which means they're now 1-0 in games where Brady doesn't show up. That's good news for New England fans, because in case you haven't heard, Brady won't be at the team's first four regular-season games this year.

However, the cheerleaders will be, and they seem pretty excited about it.

Celebrating the patriots first (of many) wins this season! #gopats ❤️🏈💙

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