The New York Giants are celebrating their 100th season this year, the fourth NFL franchise to be around after 100 years. The Giants have plenty of history attached to their name, one of the few franchises to have been owned by the same family (the Mara family) since their inception.

The franchise has won four NFL championships and four Super Bowls in their history, so there will be plenty to celebrate in their 100th season. Part of that celebration will be a new throwback uniform, which the team has teased on social media over the past week.

The uniform is expected to be unveiled on May 13. 

Another aspect of the 100th season that could really make things interesting for the Giants. Will both of the 1980s-1990s throwback uniforms still be in play for the 2024 season? The Giants brought back the home and road uniforms from that era last season, but will they put one on the shelf for 2024?

The Giants wore the "Legacy Blue" uniform, worn from 1980-1999, twice in the 2022 and 2023 seasons. The Giants wore the white "Color Rush" throwbacks since the 2016 season, wearing the uniform at least once per season. New York changed its "Color Rush" uniform in 2023 thanks to the lifting of the "one-shell rule," wearing the throwback dark blue helmet (worn with the "Legacy Blue" jerseys) with the uniform. 

New York's current home and road uniforms are based on throwback jerseys. The blue, home jerseys were a modernized version of the team's design used in the 1950s when the team debuted them in 2000, as the franchise switched back to the lowercase "Ny" logo worn until 1979. The white, road jerseys are also based off the team's design used in the 1950s when they debuted them in 2005, having red numbers and red striped sleeves. 

With NFL uniform rules only allowing four sets, which uniform the Giants will retire for 2024 will be an interesting development.