Tom Crabtree spent three of his four NFL seasons with the Packers, so he has keen understanding of the NFC North rivalry with the Bears. And what Crabtree lacked in on-field production -- he never caught more than eight passes in a season -- he more than makes up for with jokes.

Here he is last week, congratulating former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on his retirement from the NFL and a move to the broadcast booth:

Crabtree isn't your garden-variety Twitter nut who haphazardly capitalizes letters while banging out a tweet. Instead, that's him subtly jabbing Cutler, who in eight years with the Bears tossed 109 interceptions. In case it's still not clear, "INT" is the abbreviation for "interception," which is the entire point of Crabtree's tweet.

How happy was Crabtree with himself? Very.

And the fact that this got Bears' fans fired up? Added bonus.