The widespread consensus in and around the NFL is that Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time. Belichick is a mere 30 wins away from passing Don Shula as the winningest coach in NFL history, despite having coached for five fewer seasons. He is the all-time leader in playoff wins by a fairly significant margin, and he obviously has won more conference championships and Super Bowls than any other coach in league history.

In other words, he has a pretty clean case for that title. However, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick would like to make a case for another coach: Kansas City's Andy Reid. 

"I was actually thinking this year like, after Andy won the Super Bowl, he only got two, but he went to like four or five NFC Championship Games [and] every year [the Chiefs were] in the AFC Championship Game," Vick said during an appearance on Tyreek Hill's podcast," according to USA Today

"He might be the greatest coach of all time. You don't have to win championships to be considered. You know, I understand [Bill] Belichick and [Tom] Brady and that whole dynamic. But Coach [Reid] did it in Philly, and then he doing it in KC. I'm always shout out coach like I love that man to death, like for real literally I'd do anything for him."

Vick, of course, played for Reid in Philadelphia after he returned to the league following a prison sentence and suspension for his role in a dog fighting ring. He won Comeback Player of the Year in one of those seasons, and his career extended into his mid-30s in part because Reid was able to help him show that he still had good football left in him. So, he might be a bit biased here. 

Even acknowledging that, Reid is a few years behind Belichick (he's been a head coach for 24 seasons to Belichick's 28), but he himself is moving up the all-time lists pretty quickly. His 247 regular-season wins are fifth-most all time. He's just three wins behind Tom Landry in fourth place and 51 wins behind Belichick in third, and he has coached for four fewer seasons than Belichick. After the Chiefs' latest Super Bowl run, Reid now has more playoff wins (22) than anyone not named Belichick (31), and he is one of just nine coaches to win at least four conference championships and one of only 14 with at least two Super Bowl rings.

Being that he is attached at the hip to Patrick Mahomes, Reid seems likely to enter at least the next few seasons with a team that is, if not the outright favorite, then at least among the small handful of favorites to win the Super Bowl once again. There will be a lot of resistance to ever naming anyone other than Belichick as the greatest ever, but there was also a lot of resistance to anyone other than Landry or Shula or George Halas as the greatest ever at various times in the past. 

Reid is already one of the best of all time, both in terms of his record and his impact on pushing offenses forward leaguewide. And now, like Belichick did for so many years, he has the league's best quarterback alongside him. If the Chiefs keep stacking wins and reaching and winning Super Bowls, Reid could conceivably have a pretty strong case of his own.