For the second time this offseason, the NFL is making a change to the rules regarding replay review of pass interference plays. 

Back in March, the owners ratified a proposal that would allow coaches to challenge pass-interference penalties, including ones that go uncalled on the field, for most of the game; but in the final two minutes of the half, review of called and uncalled pass-interference penalties was to be assigned to the replay assistant. It was deemed a one-year rule that would be evaluated next year.

On Wednesday, the owners voted to amend that rule change once again, deciding in a 31-1 vote that review of pass interference penalties, called and uncalled, would have to be initiated by a coach's challenge throughout the entire game -- including in the last two minutes of a half or game.

This issue popped up due to a blatantly obviously missed pass interference call late in the NFC title game, which played a significant role in the Rams going to the Super Bowl instead of the Saints. Saints coach Sean Payton and owner Gayle Benson played an instrumental role in pushing for replay review of pass interference plays. 

The NFL wants to exclude Hail Mary plays from this review process due to the sheer amount of contact that happens on those plays, preferring to stick with the referee's call on the field. It will be interesting to see how they determine what is and is not a Hail Mary, but for now, that's the plan.