Michael Strahan
Getty Images

Michael Strahan shocked many this week when he posted a video of himself getting his iconic tooth gap fixed. As it turns out, the video was nothing more than an April Fool's prank.

The ubiquitous TV host and former Giants great posted a video on social media Thursday with this clarification, and also talked about how legitimately surprised he was at the, well, surprise that many expressed when the initial video was posted. He thanked everyone for their support, and even said he felt bad about the whole thing.

Of course, if you're the overthinking type, it's worth noting that Strahan said the gap wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, and is here to stay "for a little while." In other words, maybe there is a point where he gets rid of his signature dental look at a time a bit more distanced from April Fool's Day.

Even when Strahan posted his initial video to set up this prank on his followers, some fans made comparisons to the time when Lakers' star Anthony Davis pretended to shave his unibrow in 2018 for an April Fool's Day gag.