Buffalo Bills wide receiver Percy Harvin appears to be pretty happy with the result of the team's quarterback competition. Head coach Rex Ryan named former Ravens backup (and Virginia Tech star) Tyrod Taylor the Week 1 starter, and Harvin already sees the benefits to that decision.

"He's going to be tremendous for this team," Harvin said, per the team's official website. "With the weapons that we already have I think teams have to worry about that, but now they have to worry about his legs too with the 4.4 speed he puts on the field I think is going to be tremendously dangerous for opponents to prepare for us."

Taylor hasn't started a game since his college days and he threw only 35 regular season passes for the Ravens during four years backing up Joe Flacco, but he's performed well during this preseason competition for the Bills. He's competed 24 of 31 passes for 236 yards (7.6 per attempt), while adding 11 carries for 108 yards and a touchdown. That threat of the run brings an additional element to the offense that neither Matt Cassel or EJ Manuel possess, which is part of the reason why the Sportsline Projection Model sees Taylor as the preferred starter for Buffalo. 

Sportsline's Bills Projection
Quarterback Win Loss Win % Division % Playoff %
Matt Cassel 9.3 6.7 58.1% 32.6% 57.2%
Tyrod Taylor 9.5 6.5 59.4% 37.0% 63.2%
Impact 0.2 -0.2 1.3% 4.4% 6.0%

The model estimates that Buffalo's playoff chances improve by 6.0 percent with Taylor under center as opposed to Cassel, a pretty significant jump, even considering the model pegged the Bills as more likely than not to make the postseason to begin with. The 9.5 projected wins with Taylor as the starter are a full game better than Buffalo's Vegas over/under.

Taylor may seem like a bit of a risk, being that it's been a while since he led a team as the starter, but when you already know what you have for the most part with Cassel and Manuel, and that what you have isn't all that desirable, taking a little risk can be a good idea.

The Bills' confidence in Tyrod Taylor is well-placed, Percy Harvin says. (USATSI)