When news broke on Saturday that Cardinals general manager Steve Keim was cited for a DUI on the Fourth of July, no real details about the incident were available. On Tuesday, due to the emergence of a police report via ESPN's Josh Weinfuss, the first details from his arrest have surfaced. And on Wednesday, police made an important correction to the report.

According to the police report, Keim failed a field sobriety test after getting pulled over. He was charged with DUI liquor/drugs/vapors, which is a misdemeanor, and was released a little more than an hour after the arrest in the early hours of July 4.

As Weinfuss reported, the police report states that the officer pulled Keim over after the officer saw him driving his pickup truck fast, drift out of his lane multiple times, and nearly hit a curb while making a turn. The officer could "smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage" and saw that Keim's eyes were "bloodshot and watery."

That brings us to the correction. 

According to the original police report, Keim told the officer that he was the Cardinals' "director of security" and that he "works with Sean McKenzie." The officer thought Keim was talking about Officer Sean McKenzie, who was killed in an off-duty vehicle accident in 2014. However, on Wednesday, Chandler police said that the reporting officer misunderstood Keim at the time. After further review, Keim did not misrepresent himself. 

"After reviewing the BWC footage, Mr. Keim stated that a person by the name of Sean McKenzie was their director of security and that he worked for the Arizona Cardinals. The officer will be completing a supplemental report to make that correction," police said in a statement, per Pro Football Talk.

According to Weinfuss, who relayed the contents of the police report in his story on Tuesday, Keim told police he'd drank only two beers with pizza, failed a field sobriety test (following a light with his eyes), and told police he couldn't participate in any physical tests because of a "pre-existing knee injury." One of the police officers said Keim spoke with a "slight slur." According to police, Keim's blood alcohol content was not available as of Tuesday morning.

On Saturday, Keim and the Cardinals both released statements addressing the incident. In his statement, Keim apologized for his "incredibly poor judgment and inexcusable actions."

"I truly regret my incredibly poor judgment and inexcusable actions. Everyone associated with the NFL and its teams is held to a high standard of behavior and I obviously failed to meet that. I sincerely apologize to our organization and its fans as well as to my family. I accept full responsibility for my actions and hold myself completely accountable. Moving forward, I will take the steps to ensure that I never put myself or the Cardinals in this type of situation again."

Keim, who has been the Cardinals' general manager since 2013, is entering his entering his 20th overall season with the club, and his contract runs through the 2022 season. He could face a suspension from the league. 

On Tuesday, Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill told "The Mike Broomhead Show" on NewsTalk 550 KFYI that "there are going to be consequences here."

"First of all, I'm extremely disappointed and it's inexcusable," he said. "He did bring it to our attention right away that night and has been extremely remorseful and contrite and has taken steps to make things right. But the reality is, there is a process in place that the league has and there are going to be consequences here. I don't want to comment too much more, but I can tell you that I had a pretty strong conversation with Steve and he wasn't surprised by it because he knows what the standards are. He made an enormous mistake and he's going through that process right now. I'll just leave it at that."