Whenever Roger Goodell decides to step down as NFL Commissioner, the league might want to think about giving the job to John Harbaugh, and that's because the Ravens coach has some pretty interesting ideas that might be worth implementing in the future. 

As you might or might not remember, Harbaugh famously proposed one of those ideas last year when he suggested that the league add a one-point kickoff possibility. Basically, if a team's kicker was able to knock a ball through the uprights on a kickoff, then the kicker's team would score one point.

This time around, Harbaugh's idea involves in the NFL Draft. At the NFL's annual league meeting, Harbaugh was asked what he would change if he could fix one thing about the league's pre-draft process, and the Ravens coach had one major idea: He would like to see the draft moved up on the offseason calendar.  

"I think the draft should be earlier, sooner," Harbaugh said recently, via the Boston Globe. "We don't need to be so involved where we need three months to watch the players ourselves."

Although Harbaugh's idea wouldn't be so good for the mock draft industry (which reminds me, you can check out every mock draft here at CBSSports.com by clicking here), other NFL coaches would probably embrace the idea, because it would allow them to spend more time with their newly drafted players. 

Harbaugh also pointed out that it would allow players to join their new team and not worry about school anymore, which they probably weren't worrying about anyway during their draft preparation. 

"Let's draft these guys, let's get them to us," Harbaugh said. "And let's be honest, they're all coming. Nobody's taking their last semester of school. You want to get in the real world here? Let's understand that that's how it works. Because they end up graduating a high percentage of the time we get them, anyway, because we make sure they do. Let's help them, but let's not have them worried about running 40 times. Let's get them working on football so they can contribute their first couple of years."

Although the draft seems like it comes pretty late on the offseason calendar, it's actually pretty early this year, at least based on the NFL's standards. The draft's start date of April 25 is the earliest the draft has started since 2010, when the event kicked off on April 22. 

On the other hand, Harbaugh probably hated the 2014 draft, which didn't kickoff until May 8. The 2014 draft marked the first time since 1984 that the entire event was held in the month of May. In the leadup to the 2014 draft, there were multiple reports that the event was going to permanently moved to May, but apparently, that idea got put on the shelf, because every draft has started in April since then. 

Here's a look at the NFL Draft dates over the past 10 years along with the host city. 

2019: April 25-27 (Nashville)
2018: April 26-28 (Dallas)
2017: April 27-29 (Philadelphia)
2016: April 28-30 (Chicago)
2015: April 30-May 2 (Chicago)
2014: May 8-10 (New York)
2013: April 25-27 (New York)
2012: April 26-28 (New York)
2011: April 28-30 (New York)
2010: April 22-24 (New York)