Report: Hernandez ruptured man's eardrum in 2007, wasn't arrested

Gainesville (Fla.) police reportedly wanted to charge Aaron Hernandez with felony battery following an incident in 2007. (USATSI)
Gainesville (Fla.) police reportedly wanted to charge Aaron Hernandez with felony battery in 2007. (USATSI)

If prosecutors in Aaron Hernandez's slaying case try to prove that Hernandez has exhibited a pattern of violent behavior throughout his adult life, they might start with an incident that took place in May of 2007 in Gainesville, Fla. 

The Wall Street Journal has obtained a police report that alleges on May 4, 2007, a then-17-year-old Hernandez punched a man in the side of his head, rupturing the man's eardrum. According to the police report, Hernandez didn't dispute the fact that he punched the man. 

The entire incident took place just months after Hernandez had enrolled at the University of Florida. 

According to the police report, Hernandez was served two alcoholic drinks at a restaurant near the school's campus called The Swamp. When Hernandez finished the drinks, a male employee delivered Hernandez's bill to him, but Hernandez insisted that he hadn't ordered any drinks, so he refused to pay. The two men then got in a verbal altercation that resulted in the employee escorting Hernandez out of the restaurant. 

Once outside, Hernandez alleges that the employee got in his face, according to the police report. As the employee turned to walk away from Hernandez, Hernandez punched him in the side of the head. 

The employee refused medical treatment at the scene of the altercation, however, doctors would discover the next day that his right eardrum had burst, according to the police report. 

Despite the existence of a police report documenting the incident, Hernandez wasn't arrested. A Gainesville Police Department spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the department recommended a charge of felony battery -- a crime punishable by up to five years in prison for adults in Florida. 

Although the Wall Street Journal has a copy of the police report, they did note that it was "unclear how or whether the case was resolved." 

With what Hernandez is currently facing, the 2007 incident doesn't even seem like a blip on the radar. The 23-year-old is behind bars awaiting trial on six charges stemming from the killing of Odin Lloyd. 

Additionally, Hernandez is being investigated for a 2012 double-slaying, and is being sued for allegedly shooting Alexander Bradley in the face

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