It took three weeks, but Anquan Boldin's free agency is finally beginning.

As first reported by the Washington Post and confirmed by ESPN, Boldin is visiting the Redskins on Tuesday. And that marks Boldin's first visit of free agency, which kicked off on March 9.

That might be hard to believe considering Boldin's history. He's one of 13 receivers to hit 1,000 career receptions. His 13,195 receiving yards rank 17th all-time. He's caught 74 touchdowns in his career. Even though Boldin is old -- he'll turn 36 in October -- he still came through with a nice season with the 49ers in 2015, catching 69 passes for 789 yards and four touchdowns (all from quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert). He's no longer dominant, but he's more than capable of helping out a team.

The Redskins' top two wideouts at the moment are DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, so Boldin would most likely factor in behind those two players. Still, it certainly sounds like the Redskins are interested.

For one, their official Twitter account posted the report, which is pretty much the worst way to play it cool.

Then DeAngelo Hall weighed in. He apparently likes Boldin as much as Kirk Cousins likes his catch-phrase.

Say what you want about Cousins, but he's probably a more enticing option for Boldin than Gabbert or Kaepernick. At the NFL owners meetings last week, 49ers general manager Trent Baalke revealed that he hadn't yet spoken to Boldin about returning to San Francisco.

Anquan Boldin reportedly visited the Redskins on Tuesday. (USATSI)