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The Green Bay Packers sent shockwaves across the NFL landscape in 2020 when the team selected quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. However, the team still held onto star quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Rodgers ended up winning the league MVP while also leading the Packers back to the NFC championship game. 

Earlier this week, ESPN's Rob Demovsky reported that the Packers paid Rodgers his $6.8 million roster bonus last week rather than converting it into a signing bonus, which would've saved the team $4.5 million in salary cap space. Demovsky also is reporting that Rodgers wants "assurances" that he won't enter next season as a "lame duck," which means that the quarterback wants a contract extension of some sort.

During Wednesday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson went through the process of negotiating through a team's cap space and what the future holds for Rodgers.

"So the Packers would get two years of Jordan Love and then maybe sign his fifth-year rookie option," Samson said. "So they could get three years before deciding whether or not he's the next franchise quarterback following [Brett] Favre and Rodgers. But if you had no plans to do that with Jordan Love, then you would've converted Rodgers. I'm not sure why Packers fans aren't up in arms. But the executives are very aware that they've got him for one more year then they're going to move on."

Now the Packers could also choose to convert some of Rodgers' $14.7 million salary for the 2021 season into a signing bonus. If the team did that, it would free up cap space for 2021. At this moment, it's unclear what the team's plans are, but Samson believes that Green Bay will inevitably part ways with Rodgers.