T.Y. Hilton signed a one-year contract to stay with the Indianapolis Colts, a marriage that was seconds away from ending. Hilton had a productive visit with the Baltimore Ravens, who are in desperate need of an upgrade at wide receiver. Baltimore almost was able to get Hilton away from Indianapolis, before the Colts made a late push to keep him with the only NFL team he's ever played for. 

Hilton even sent out a cryptic tweet that may though he was sticking with the Colts. Turns out, that's not what the tweet was really about. 

"That was the (tweet) that I was almost gone," Hilton told Pat McAfee on The Pat McAfee Show. "Five seconds away, man. That was it. I've been talking to (Baltimore) the whole time. They (Indianapolis) came in and made a great push at the end and they wanted to get it done."

Hilton wasn't waiting around to sign with a team after 3 p.m. Wednesday. He had an offer from the Ravens and the Colts appeared to be ready to move on. The veteran wide receiver kept reaching out in case Indianapolis had second thoughts on bringing him back. 

"I asked God to show me signs," Hilton said. "I prayed about it at 12 p.m. -- I signed at like 3 (p.m.). I texted (Colts general manager) Chris Ballard the whole time. By 2:30 I said to myself, by 3 o'clock I'm signing somewhere. At 2:55 I got of the phone with Chris and I'm like 'are we going to get this done?' He came with a number and I said 'this is alright.' 

"As soon as I close his message. Irsay (Colts owner Jim Irsay) texted me. I said 'there's my sign right there.' That's when we got it done. I told them the number that I wanted and they got to it. Right then and there." 

Hilton would have been the top wide receiver on the Ravens, but he chose to stay in Indianapolis and continue his career. Since it's a one-year deal, Hilton can test the free agency waters next season. 

Having the opportunity to play with Carson Wentz also helped sway Hilton to stay with Indianapolis.

"He wants to play football with me and I want to play with him," Hilton said. "It's been incredible for him to just continue to reach out to me. I can't wait to get to work with him. I told him, if you need me, I'm gonna be there...It'll be some big things happening in Indy."