After 16 years, the New York Giants have decided that they don't want to wear gray pants at home anymore. The team announced Monday that they'll be dumping their gray bottoms for the upcoming season and replacing them with white pants.

If you've become emotionally attached to the gray pants, this is clearly bad news.

The Giants didn't give a reason for why they're making the switch, but it's definitely happening. For each of the team's home games in 2016, they'll be wearing their blue jerseys with white pants. From 2000 to 2015, the team wore blue jerseys with gray pants at home.

The white pants, left, are now permanent. USATSI

You gray pants fans don't have to worry, though, because those pants aren't going completely away: The team will still be wearing them, along with white jersey tops, for away games.

This is the first major, permanent uniform change that the Giants have made since after the 1999 season. Going into 2000, the team switched from white pants to gray. That being said, someone in the organization clearly likes the white pants because they've been slowly creeping back into the team's uniform rotation in recent years.

The Giants first brought back the white pants in 2013, when they wore them for two homes games. The Giants also wore them for two home games in both 2014 and 2015, with the team going 2-4 over the past three years in white pants.

The team has also worn blue pants in the 1970s, but don't look for those to return in 2016.