Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Minicamp
Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Tom Brady's birthday is on Tuesday, but he likely won't be in the mood to celebrate if things go as bad at practice on his birthday as they did over the weekend. 

During Sunday's practice, Brady actually punted a football in anger and that was just to start the day. Later in the session, he also cussed out his teammates and slammed down his helmet in frustration. 

So what got Brady all riled up? Glad you asked. 

Apparently, the frustration for Brady started when he got sacked during an 11-on-11 drill. After taking the sack, Brady responded by grabbing the football and punting it. 

Somehow, even an angry Brady is able to show off. As Pewter Report noted, Brady got off a "nice punt," which actually shouldn't come as a huge surprise, considering the man has actually punted the ball a total of THREE TIMES in his career

Although there's no footage of Brady's practice punt, there is footage of this 48-yard punt that he had against the Broncos in a playoff game back in January 2012, so let's watch that. 

Anyway, back to Brady's temper tantrum. After his punt, the Buccaneers offense got another chance to score during a two-minute drill. Unfortunately for Brady, he got sacked once again on this drive and this time, he was even more angry. Instead of punting the ball, he cussed out the offense and slammed his helmet down. 

Brady didn't meet with the media after Sunday's practice, but Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians did and he understood why his quarterback was upset. 

"Guys have got to make plays," Arians said, via the Tampa Bay Times. "You're in a critical situation, you can't fall down. He gives you a chance to win the game. You've got to go down and win the game. I don't care how tired you are."

Arians was happy with his team's effort, but he wasn't thrilled with their execution on the field. 

"I'm really pleased with the effort," Arians said. "We're working extremely hard, two days in a row. Fast. But I'm not seeing the smart. We've got to be a much smarter football team. After watching (Saturday)'s practice, we made way too many mental errors. Same thing (Sunday) with guys getting lined up, especially those young wide receivers, and it's time for them to grow up. Can't ask any more of our football team in terms of work."

When Brady met with the media on Friday, he seemed to acknowledge that training camp can sometimes be frustrating, so we probably shouldn't be surprised if he has a few more blow ups. 

"It's training camp, it's a grind. We gotta grind through it," Brady said. "We're gonna have bad days, gonna have good days. We gotta come out tomorrow with more urgency and get the job done."

With Brady turning 44 on Tuesday, maybe he'll go easy on his teammates because it's his birthday, but probably not.