You've (kind of) heard it before: Tom Grady, champion and MVP.

The Albany Empire reigned supreme over the Philadelphia Soul, winning ArenaBowl 32, 45-27, to capture the Arena Football League championship. Albany quarterback Tommy Grady was named MVP of the game and brought a championship to New York's capital for the first time since 1999.

Sounds almost like that guy Tom Brady who brought New England its first Super Bowl championship in 2001. 

Naturally, the Brady/Grady jokes flooded in immediately and people had a field (pun intended) day with the name comparisons on social media, starting with the AFL.

The AFL Tom has one thing over the NFL Tom though, beating Philadelphia in a championship game this decade, a joke probably too soon for New England fans. Patriots fans can be happy knowing Arena League Tom did his part in getting revenge for the Tom _rady's of the world against the city of brotherly love. 

The similarities continue from there -- Grady threw five touchdowns passes in the championship win over Philadelphia. In Brady's two Super Bowls against Philly he has thrown, you guessed it, five touchdowns. Three touchdowns came in the most recent New England vs. Philadelphia face-off, Super Bowl LII, and two are from the Patriots third title in Super Bowl XXXIX. 

Grady goes by "Tommy", and while Brady is more of a "Tom" guy, New Englanders are known to yell "Tommyyyy" in a Boston accent at the six-time Super Bowl champion. The two are also both California natives. 

Fans at the game got creative with their jerseys to support TG4, and some say this Tom is superior. 

Grady is a bit younger than Brady, though most people playing football are. The 6'7'' three-time AFL MVP is 34, while the 6'4'' three-time NFL MVP is 42. 

To complete the simulation, Grady may even has a best friend named Julian Bedelman and a wife named Bisele Gundchen. Or a historically tough head coach named Gill Gilichick. 

Ok, I'll stop now. 

Maybe when Brady retires in the year 2050 his almost namesake can take over for him.