Travis Fulgham couldn't explain why he was benched despite having the best five-week stretch for a Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver since Terrell Owens. From Week 4 to Week 8 of last season, Fulgham had the most receiving yards (435) in the NFL -- along with the fourth-highest yards per reception (15.0) and tied for the fourth most touchdowns (four). 

The Eagles looked like they had a star in the making, until Fulgham's playing time decreased for no explicable reason. Conventional wisdom suggested Alshon Jeffery returning from a Lisfranc injury played a role in Fulgham going from the penthouse to the outhouse.

Fulgham essentially confirmed that was the case. 

"I felt like I was always at my best. It was just that my role changed at the time," Fulgham said at the conclusion of Eagles training camp practice Wednesday. "Alshon came back healthy and that was his spot. I kind of just went back into my role, I guess."

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Fulgham went from one of the best receivers in the league to not playing at all. He had just nine catches in the final eight games -- finishing with just 104 yards and a touchdown. He played under 45% of the offensive snaps in each of the final five games. 

"It was rough, but this is a team sport," Fulgham said. "I just had to move on and continue practicing. I had to continue to fill my role. ... That's not my job to question coaches." 

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Jeffery had just six catches for 115 yards in the final eight games -- and was declared inactive in the final game of the season (and last in an Eagles uniform). Fulgham was clearly motivated by the decision to play Jeffery over him, looking to prove to the coaching staff he deserves to play a more consistent role this time around. 

Fulgham admitted he needed to take a different approach to practice and planned to give a 100% effort. 

"I learned a lot from the good, the bad, and the ugly," Fulgham said. "With routes and everything, just being more efficient. Whenever the team calls my name I need to step up and fill that role. I definitely learned if they (defensive backs) shade over to my side, I have to run routes a little different. It's not too much to handle.

"I feel like I left a lot out on the field and I'm excited to do more this year."