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Dallas Cowboys president and owner Jerry Jones is 80 years old but has not lost his sense of humor. During a live radio interview on Tuesday morning, Jones had a coughing fit and joked about needing a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey to help him regain composure.

The exchange happened on the airwaves of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas with hosts Shan Shariff and Bobby Belt. Jones was in the middle of answering a question about the Cowboys' receivers and how quarterback Dak Prescott does a good job in setting up the offense. Jones was saying he likes where his team is at and that help was on the way with James Washington returning from the foot fracture he suffered during training camp.   

"Get me some oxygen," Jones joked after taking a moment to get his voice back. "Better still, how about a big shot of Jack?"

He couldn't finish his whole statement on Washington because he started coughing. After a while, the hosts asked if he was ok and Jones confirmed everything was fine. 

Jones was likely joking, but asking for whiskey might not be too crazy of a request because some people do use Hot Toddys -- a mixture of whiskey, honey, lemon juice and water -- for their cough. Doctors would likely recommend taking the alcohol out of that concoction if you're sick, but it seems like Jones just wanted to have a good time talking football. 

The Cowboys are currently second in the NFC East with an 8-3 record. They're fresh off a 28-20 victory against the Giants on Thursday, and will be back on the field on Dec. 4 when they host the Indianapolis Colts