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Perhaps it's a goal of the Manning family to not go the way of some pro athletes and kind of let themselves go after retiring from their athletic career. Peyton Manning was recently seen rocking washboard abs on the beach a whole four years after his retirement, and now Eli is showing off what he does on a leisurely Saturday: exercise with push-ups and watch Ole Miss football.

The younger of the two former NFL quarterback Manning brothers decided to post a video of himself maintaining a decent retirement bod through his little workout, but with a twist. After the first rep, his one-and-a-half year old son Charlie decided to help his father and add a bit of extra weight on Eli's back to make the push-ups more effective. It is exactly as adorable as you think it is.

The imagery of the whole thing is especially funny when you consider that the Charlie very obviously did not think he was helping his dad's work out, but rather just playing along. What probably happened is that he got sick of the fake horse sitting right in front of the television and decided that he'd rather have a moving animal to sit on top of. Charlie got what he wanted the ride made him very happy.

Manning retired after 16-year NFL career at the end of last season after starting just four games in 2019. He spent his entire career with the Giants, and finished with 57,023 passing yards, 366 touchdowns, 244 interceptions and a perfectly even 117-117 record as a quarterback. He also played in college for Ole Miss, which explains the game on in the background -- they went on to lose to Auburn, 35-28.