The Atlanta Falcons' season is over. It ended because they lost 15-10 to the top-seeded but Carson Wentz-less Eagles on Saturday. But they were oh so close to pulling off a late comeback. 

In the end, it came down to a fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line. A pass from Matt Ryan, which looked to be very catchable, went through the hands of star receiver Julio Jones. A year ago, the Falcons' season ended in overtime of the Super Bowl. This year, their season ended on a broken play that Ryan tried to salvage by hoisting up a jump ball to Jones. Jones got the elevation he needed to come down with the ball, but failed to corral it. 


It would've been a phenomenal game-winning catch, so it's difficult to place all the blame on Jones, but then again, we've seen Jones make phenomenal catch after phenomenal catch throughout his career. In that sense, it was shocking to watch him let the ball sail through his hands.

It's worth noting Jones also landed out of bounds, which would've negated the touchdown even if he had hung onto the pass, though it's also fair to say he could've landed differently had he caught the ball. 


It's also worth noting that cutting the field in half, when space is already so limited in the end zone, probably wasn't the best option. And it's certainly not wrong to wonder if oft-maligned offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian's seat warmed up significantly after the loss. Firing a coach because of one play-call seems silly, but the Falcons' offense has had issues all season long. Really, that play served as the best way to sum up the Falcons' disappointing year. 

Another season, another heartbreaking defeat for the Falcons.