The Vikings are throttling the Texans on Sunday. And for that, they can thank their unbelievable defense, which held the Texans to six points in the first half. They can thank their special teams, which scored a touchdown on a well-executed punt return. They can thank Sam Bradford, who continues to play the best football of his career.

They might also want to thank a certain Vikings fan for his pregame ritual, which might've sparked the blowout. It was strange, cruel, and disgusting, but it might've actually worked.

This fan actually bit the heads off living fish:

There's no way to confirm if that's the real reason behind the Vikings' dominant showing against the Texans, but there's also no way to confirm that's not the reason for the Vikings' success. With that being said, I'd like to be the first to publicly condemn any rituals that involve the execution of living fish or any other animals.

It turns out the entire atmosphere at the Vikings game is not safe for fish or children.

Add "Texans" to that list, too. It's 24-6 at halftime.