Tom Brady has accomplished a whole lot in his NFL career. He has thrown for over 60,000 yards and 450 touchdowns. He's led the NFL in passing yards twice and passing touchdowns four times. He has made 12 Pro Bowls, four All-Pro teams (two first, two second), won two MVPs, and quarterbacked his team to five Super Bowl championships. There are few football feats he hasn't ticked off on his resume. 

Until Sunday, though, Brady had never thrown three touchdown passes in the first quarter of a game. Not in the regular season and not in the playoffs. All it took was going up against the 2017 Saints to make that a reality as well. 

Brady kicked things off with a beautiful fade to running back Rex Burkhead, working against Saints linebacker Alex Anzalone out of the backfield. 

On the next drive, Brady went after Anzalone yet again, this time by tossing it to his monster tight end Rob Gronkowski while under heavy duress in the backfield. (Gronk proceeded to throw a defender off him on his way to the end zone, because of course he did.) 

And in the last minute of the first quarter, Brady found Chris Hogan up the left sideline -- and even successfully talked the refs out of calling an offensive pass interference for a pick play. 

Count 'em up and that's one, two, three passing touchdowns in the first quarter. Eighteen years in and Brady is still doing stuff he has never done before. That guy is pretty good.