Remember all those offseason concerns about how the Washington offense would recalibrate after losing DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon in free agency and offensive coordinator Sean McVay bolting to take over the Rams?

Turns out, those concerns are justified because Washington has looked atrocious during the first quarter of Sunday's preseason get-together against the Bengals, and the nadir came early in the second quarter when quarterback Kirk Cousins blindly threw this pass to the sidelines. Predictably, it was intercepted by Vontaze Burfict, and 62 yards later the Bengals linebacker was celebrating in the high-priced seats:

It gets worse:

For an idea of just how inept the Washington offense has been, consider this: The first three drives ended on sacks, yielded no first downs and totaled minus-1 yards. The team's first first down came on drive No. 4 and only after Cousins ran a quarterback keeper on third and 2.

Silver lining, if you're looking for one: Things can only get better from here.