Win over Jets means Tom Brady and Peyton Manning share something in common

Sunday's game against the New York Jets was the 230th time Tom Brady took the field as the starter for the New England Patriots during the regular season. If you've been paying any attention for the last 15 years, you know the Patriots have quite a good record in Brady's starts: the win gave him a career record of 178-52, good for a 0.774 winning percentage that works out to an average of 12.4 wins per year.

On the surface, it was just another win in a career full of them for Brady. Include the 22 playoff victories in his career, though, and suddenly it was the 200th time Brady has started and won an NFL game. That moved him into a tie with none other than Peyton Manning, who won exactly 200 games during his 17 seasons as a starter in the NFL (186 in the regular season, 14 in the playoffs).

Brady got to 200 total victories in 261 total starts, 31 fewer than the 292 it took Manning to reach that plateau. That gives him a total winning percentage of 0.766 compared to Manning's 0.685 mark.

Obviously, Brady has reached 200 total wins faster than any quarterback in NFL history. Other than him and Manning, there isn't another player that has reached that level at all. Brett Favre is the closest, and he retired with 199 total victories (186 in the regular season, 13 in the playoffs).

It'll be quite some time before anyone joins them there. The only active players with even 100 combined regular season and playoff victories are Drew Brees (135), Ben Roethlisberger (130), Eli Manning (113), and Philip Rivers (101).

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