Jonathan Quick's mask for Olympics combines Kings, USA looks

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Earlier this week we caught a glimpse of Ryan Miller's mask for the Olympics, as American as any mask could ever be. Next up is the man Miller will be competing for in net, Jonathan Quick.

Quick's mask, as teased by Eye Candy Air and artist Steve Nash, is a little more reserved. (Now I have "You spin me right round, baby, right round" stuck in my head.)

Overtly patriotic or not, it still is very clearly the mask of a goaltender for Team USA with this year's Olympic seal on the chin and USA written above the eyes. There are also a couple of infusions of gold thrown in for good measure.

But what's interesting is how it's a blend of Quick's everyday mask with the Kings and a new look for the Olympics. The familiar armored look -- a look he has had for years now -- from his mask in LA makes its way onto his Olympic cage, it just adds the American elements and color to alter the design.

We know this: Between Miller and Quick (we're yet to see Jimmy Howard) and American women's goalie Jessie Vetter's awesome mask, the Americans are going to have some sharp-looking goalies in Sochi.

S/t Sporting News

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