VIDEO: Abdul-Jabbar, Mo Rivera, Mark Messier battle in air hockey

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Before the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers battled it out on the ice for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Mariano Rivera competed in another version of hockey ... air hockey.

With Kareem dressed in a Kings sweater and Rivera in a Rangers jersey, the two legends from LA and New York respectively headed up to JFK Airport along with former Rangers captain Mark Messier for some air hockey at the Delta terminal, all for good causes.

It's pretty spectacular to see two giants (one quite literally) of their sport getting into a little hockey love and all for a good cause, especially when they're having fun with it.

The amazing part of it all, though? Messier had to explain to them the rules of air hockey. Somehow, Abdul-Jabbar made it this far in life without ever playing air hockey. You can understand how Rivera, from Panama, might not have had the chance but it's incredible Abdul-Jabbar never happened across a table in an arcade or anything.

Maybe better than the games, though, was when Rivera and Roger MurdockAbdul-Jabbar stepped on board the plane. A baseball legend and a basketball legend in hockey jerseys on an airplane; you don't see that every day.

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