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Around here, we've been getting serious about balancing our intense cardio and weight workouts with regular yoga. The results are in a word, sublime.

Getting deep into yoga doesn't require a lot of gear, but it does require the right gear. If you've been sliding all over your living room floor because you thought a beach towel could double as a yoga mat, today is your lucky day.  Amazon is offering great deals on top yoga mat brands like Gaiam's no-slip mat, $22 (reduced from $35) and Manduka's ProLite mat, $92 (reduced from $108).

Top yoga mat deals on Amazon featured in this article

What to look for in a yoga mat 

If you're thinking, "Really? Aren't all yoga mats the same?", the answer is no. 

Yogis with an experienced practice know that yoga mats are about as different as the people using them. Anyone who has endured a yoga class or practice using a mat that is too thin, too thick, too long or too short -- or a mat that is slippery -- knows that using the wrong yoga mat makes all that Ujjayi breathing nearly impossible.

That said, there is no wrong yoga mat as each yogi has his or her own preference. 

Size: The average yoga mat is between 5'8" and 6' long and 24" wide. Some brands offer extra-long mats, like Cambivo's extra long and wide yoga mat ($47), best suited for taller users.

Thickness: Preference really comes into play when it comes to the thickness of your mat. For users with a strong practice, its actually easier to practice with a thinner mat (in this writer's humble opinion). 

Feeling the floor and being able to grip a solid surface, rather than gripping a thick soft mat, actually makes balance easier. That comes in handy when you're... say, spending an hour of your day trying to balance. The standard mat thickness is around an eighth of an inch.

Some brands offer 1" thick mat options, like HemingWeigh 1" Thick Yoga Mat ($55). Thicker mats are often preferred by users who are newer to yoga and users with knee issues that require extra padding on poses that take you to the floor.

If you purchase a thicker mat that doesn't come with a bag, might we suggest buying one? Thicker mats can get heavy and a bit unwieldy if you're taking them to class. We like this 4.4-star-rated bag from Uhawi Yoga ($28), which fits all yoga mat sizes.

No-slip: A yoga class can turn into a surf class quite quickly if your mat isn't made from non-slip materials. Enough said. Thankfully, our sale-priced picks in this article won't slip and slide on your living room floor.

The best yoga mat deals on Amazon

If you're looking to upgrade your yoga mat, replace a well-used mat, or are embarking on a regular yoga practice, don't hesitate to spend a bit on a quality mat that will last through hours (and years) of down dogs, headstands and all the other cool poses your practice will feature. We noticed cheaper mats tend to shed little pieces, especially while in use, which is distracting and defeats the purpose of yoga all together.  We'd prefer to spend a tiny bit more on top, trusted brands.

Gaiam Extra Thick Non Slip Mat


One of the best-known names in yoga mats, Gaiam's 6-millimeter thick yoga mat (68" x 24") is also lightweight, a bonus for those back in the studio who don't want to carry a heavy mat. The textured non-slip surface gives excellent traction and grip and the stylish designs come in over a dozen varieties and colors. The mat is non-toxic.

Gaiam Extra Thick Non Slip Yoga Mat, $22 (reduced from $35)

$22 on Amazon

Want to enhance your practice? Tools like blocks, straps and blankets can seem like a crutch at first glance until you look around the studio and notice all the experienced yogis in the room are using them. Whether you practice at home or at the studio, you'll want a block of your own (germs, ugh), to give added length on those reach poses your teacher loves to hold for (what seems like) ages. We suggest a wood block over less expensive foam blocks. They last longer, are more stable and won't get soaked with sweat.

Pune Yogikuti Solid Wooden Yoga Block, $45

$45 on Amazon

Retrospec Solana 1 inch Yoga Mat


This firm, 1-inch thick mat by Retrospec (72" x 24") is a terrific choice for anyone with knee or hip issues, and anyone needing more cushion on their joints. The non-slip material keeps your mat from sliding and your focus on your poses. Free of phthalates, heavy metals and latex. 

Retrospec Solana 1 inch Yoga Mat, $34 (reduced from $40)

$34 on Amazon

Manduka Pro

Manduka yoga mat

Manduka's 6-millimeter thick Pro yoga mat (71" x 26") provides ultimate support for yoga, Pilates barre or that ab workout you promised yourself you'd squeeze in each day.  Built to last, Manduka's mats are carefully crafted in Germany from closed-cell material which prevents sweat and moisture from breaching in the mat. This mat is handmade, so sizing may vary slightly.

Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat, $92 (reduced from $108)

$92 on Amazon

Manduka's Pro mat is a total winner, especially at Amazon's dreamy sale price, but don't sleep on accessories. Press "add to cart" on the 4.7-star-rated Manduka's Commuter Mat Carrier, a simple accessory that makes getting to and from the studio that much more convenient. 

Manduka Yoga Commuter Mat Carrier, $20

$20 on Amazon

How do you clean your new Manduka mat? Great question. Leave your mat open and flat after class allowing any remaining sweat to dry and spray your mat with Manduka Yoga Natural Mat Wash and Refresh. Made from essential oils, Manduka's lavender spray keeps your mat clean and smelling fresh.

Manduka Yoga Natural Mat Wash and Refresh, $16

$16 on Amazon

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga 

Hot yoga mat

The 5-millimeter-thick Gaiam Sol yoga mat (68" x 24") features lightweight PVC backing with closed cell construction that seals out sweat and odors. The top coat wicks away moisture, a major assist in grip, making it a smart choice for hot yoga classes. This mat develops a stickiness when damp, meaning the grip increases the hotter it gets. 

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga, $55 (reduced from $70)

$55 on Amazon

Cambivo Extra Long And Wide Yoga Mat 


Designed with tall yogis in mind, Cambivo's extra-long yoga mat (84" x 30") features 6 millimeters of thickness that provides extra cushioning and stability. The reverse honeycomb grip prevents that mat from sliding and offers supports on both hard and soft surfaces. Rated 4.6 stars on Amazon.

Cambivo Extra Long and Wide Yoga Mat, $50 (reduced from $70) 

$50 on Amazon

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