Adam Scott continues to be the most likable golfer in the world

After the round, Adam Scott promises to go help some old ladies with their groceries. (Getty Images)

Life is probably pretty fun if you're a millionaire athlete. Even more fun? When you're a millionaire athlete that makes the ladies scream.

That's British Open runner-up Adam Scott, the handsome Australian with the picture-perfect golf swing and, apparently, some envious manners. Scott, who has posted rounds of 68-75 to sit at 1-under at the PGA Championship, hit a female spectator with his tee shot on the seventh hole in his second round, and instead of going with the typical glove signature like a lot of pros do, Scott went one better.

He got the woman's information and is going to send her some flowers.


After the way he handled his misfortunes at the British and this, is there a guy that is easier to like on tour than Scott? 

Hey Adam, ease up, bro. What the heck are the rest of men supposed to do? You're not even giving us a chance here! 

The good news for all of us was that after Scott walked away from his unfortunate target, caddie Steve Williams broke her cell phone for good measure. That'll teach her, Stevie! 

(cell phone story might not be true)

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