On Monday morning, United States Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III gave one of his 11 players (so far) Phil Mickelson a huge compliment about his preparedness for big tournaments.

"Phil Mickelson, nobody prepares for major championships better than Phil Mickelson and [caddie] Bones," said Love of the upcoming Ryder Cup.

But it was Mickelson, who less than 24 hours earlier had paid nearly the exact same compliment to Love's vice captain Tiger Woods after praising Love for having a "real game plan."

"We know who is going to be playing with who, when they're going to be playing, what matches," Mickelson told Golf Channel. "I am so happy to see how well [Tiger] has thought this through. I can't believe our conversations just this week, how detailed he is and the pairings, the possibilities, the players. Not just what matches they're going to play, but where on the list. He has got us really a good, solid game plan that is easy to buy into and get behind. I'm very impressed."

Love agreed with Mickelson about Woods' work on Monday.

"Tiger looks at things from maybe a little bit higher viewpoint than all of us sometimes," said Love. "His strategy on the golf course ... Everybody just automatically thinks, just look at the scorecard, it's a really long course, we need long hitters. Tiger looks at it a whole lot differently than that. Tiger over the last two or three weeks has made us really think hard about not only pairings but other things that we need to look for in our players.

"He's taken the stats package that we get and breaking it down to what we really need. Tiger has really had us focused on some key things to make these three decisions and how we're going to think about it the next two weeks."

"The Tactician" is what Woods has been called. And it sound like he's living up to his nickname so much so that the normally over-prepared Mickelson is impressed. Things are quite hunky-dory in the United States camp right now it seems which is fun if you're a fan of the American team. I'm interested to see if they remain that way if the Europeans lead by, say, four points going into Sunday.