Before we get to the divisional round of the playoffs, there's the matter of the two wild-card games. Fun fact: In the era of only one wild card, we would have had the exact same setup, with both wild-card games featuring teams with identical records and moving on to face teams outside their division.

Regardless, we're set to see the Orioles face the Blue Jays in Toronto on Tuesday night while Wednesday gives us the Giants at Mets in the NL counterpart.

Over in the AL, we get two of the better slugging offenses in baseball. Marcus Stroman will start for the Blue Jays while Chris Tillman gets the ball for the Orioles. Who do we have?

R.J. Anderson Mike Axisa Jonah Keri Dayn Perry Matt Snyder
AL Wild Card Game Winner

Over in the NL, we get what very much could be one of the better postseason pitchers duel's we've seen in a while. Giants starter Madison Bumgarner had a 1.03 ERA in 52 2/3 innings in the 2014 postseason while Mets starter Noah Syndergaard has stuff as electric as anyone we've ever seen. Expect this one to cruise by. Here's who we have:

R.J. Anderson Mike Axisa Jonah Keri Dayn Perry Matt Snyder
NL Wild Card Game Winner

We also know that the MLB playoffs rarely unfold as expected, so let's brace ourselves for some wild games. Feel free to make your own predictions.