It's no secret that Mike Trout can absolutely pulverize a baseball. Apparently that means that the Los Angeles Angels outfielder can hit any type of ball a long way. Over the weekend, his Angles teammate Albert Pujols held a charity event for the Pujols Family Foundation at a Topgolf in Arizona. During the event, Trout hit a golf ball so far that is left the facility's drive range.

Take a look:

Trout couldn't contain himself as he laughed with some of baseball's top sluggers and his teammates during the event. It's unclear if Trout's shot even registered on screens at Topgolf, which normally tells players how far they hit their ball.

Trout's moonshot was insanely impressive, but he wasn't the one that smacked a golf ball into oblivion. Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Cody Bellinger also put his MVP swing to the test as he launched a massive drive during the event.

It's unclear whether Trout or Bellinger's ball went further, but both were absolutely crushed. It's not exactly a surprise to people who have seen these guys launch home runs on the diamond, but it's impressive that they can send a golf ball that far.

Considering that Trout and Bellinger earned MVP awards in 2019 in their respective leagues, the power has been something that fans have come to expect and it clearly doesn't matter what sport they're playing.