Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich in Monday night's win over the Reds added to his NL MVP resume by hitting for the cycle. In doing so, he became just the fifth player in MLB history to rack up two cycles in a single season. Beyond that, Yelich is now the first player in MLB history to hit for the cycle twice in the same season against the same team (assist: Reds pitching). 

So it was a big night for the 26-year-old outfielder -- the kind of night that justifies procuring a souvenir. Speaking of which, a young Brewers fan named Michael Richter retrieved Yelich's fifth-inning home run ball (thank to an usher who tossed him the ball). That was Yelich's third hit of the night, so it wasn't yet a history-making cycle. When it soon thereafter became a cycle, though, young Mr. Richter decided to hand over the goods . For his troubles, he got to meet Yelich and get a little something coming back the other way. Color-television footage forthcoming ... 

Hey, not a bad trade if you're a young Brewers rooter. 

As for Yelich, he enters Tuesday's slate with a 2018 line of .318/.385/.570 and leading the NL in slugging, OPS, and OPS+. Suffice it to say, his first season in Milwaukee is going swimmingly, and without him the Brewers probably wouldn't be in playoff position.